Glossier You Rollerball

Eau de parfum

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More of You, only where you need it.

The ultimate personal fragrance, now available in a travel-friendly rollerball. Formulated as a skin-smell enhancer, our eau de parfum melts into skin for a scent that is uniquely yours. More “you smell good” than “your perfume smells good.” The rollerball gives you targeted application and is sized perfectly for your beauty bag or touch-ups on the go. It’s the warm, soft and familiar scent you love, only in the places you need it the most.

0.27 fl oz / 8 ml

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan

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    Glossier You is mainly made up of base notes on purpose; it lasts longer that way—and lets more of you into the equation.

    Bright, sparkling, spicy.
    Floral, green, powdery.
    Woody, warm, sweet.
    Creamy, musky, salty.

    This is not one of those perfumes you wear to become someone else. The formula is heavy on base notes, so it lets more of you into the equation. We designed everything about it to feel open ended, like it’ll grow with you no matter where you are in your personal journey. This is not a finished product. It needs you.


    It’s love at first swipe (and second, and third).

    1. Roll onto your pulse points as desired (your neck, behind your ears, your wrists and more).
    2. We recommend letting the fragrance settle for a few moments, rather than rubbing it in, for the best scent experience.
    3. G Team tip: Roll on your neck and wrists right after moisturizer—moisturized skin holds onto fragrance longer and stronger.