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gTEAM-Curated Community Art

gTEAM-Curated Community Art

Hi there! We’re members of Glossier’s customer experience team, also known as gTEAM. We’re the ones responding to your Tweets, helping you pick a Cloud Paint shade over email, or just saying hello via DM. One of the best parts of our job is getting to see so many different forms of Glossier-inspired art from our community. We’ve seen it all, from a purse made of Pink Pouches to Balm Dotcom earrings, and never cease to be amazed by how talented and creative our customers are. To spread some of the joy, we’re excited to share a few of our favorite pieces of community art, with the artists’ permission—we hope you love their work as much as we do!

 Courtney, gTEAM Editor

Simply Natural by Jan Allen Mae Loneza (@jamartistyph)

I love the realistic nature and clean lines of this piece. Graphic illustration is such a fun medium and the second I saw this, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a photograph! I love how the artist really captured the Glossier look, but also added their own personal style to this work. Jan’s portrayal of Balm Dotcom really speaks to the way that I see this product too: simple, natural, and beautiful.

Glossier Stickie Pack (@halfigures

I wish that I could hang this in my house. When I saw Orijin’s piece, I loved how the spirit of Glossier really was captured. Seeing the three-eyed smiley and other stickers among some of my favorite products put a smile on my face. I love the realistic nature and could feel the love for the products behind the hard work. This class project really resonated with me and with our community, as it showcases the beautiful packaging and the philosophy and energy of Glossier.

Beauty in Beauty by Johanna Johnson (@jojogogh and @jothough

I could see this hanging in a museum! It reminds me of some of my favorite post-Impressionist paintings. You can really feel Johanna’s love for beauty, there is true care in this art. Her technical skill is astounding and I love how recognizable these products are, even without their branding. When I look at this, I am filled with a sense of seeing into someone else’s life and routine, I love seeing these clearly loved items placed as they would be after getting ready for a special occasion.

Keeley, gTEAM Editor

the vanity of vanity by Jackie Liu (@jackieliuart

Jackie Liu's painting the vanity of vanity caught my attention as a self-portrait that shifts the perspective and function of the Glossier showroom to a space of imagination—the artist's use of color and application of paint suggests that the stacks of Cotton Rounds and rows of Lidstar are not only that, but could also be a glowing cityscape on a faraway planet's surface lit by many unknown moons. The spirit of this painting, including the perspective of the artist placed above the landscape of the product, reminds me of the creative power our Glossier community, and all makeup users alike, have in defining their own narratives.

Katherine, gTEAM Editor 

Mint Balm DotCom Pouch by Eleanor Williamson (@elean_w and @2nakedladies

There is nothing more special than a hand-sewn item. Eleanor took time to fashion this Mint Balm Dotcom pouch using spare bits of fabric during the UK lockdown. I love how close the pouch looks to Mint Balm Dotcom packaging and I’m so impressed by the hand lettering. This piece stands out to me since it’s also practical for carrying around her favorite balms and looks so soft (just like your lips after using Balm Dotcom)!

Glossier Nalgene by Mandy Boyden (@mirandanicoleco

The depth, details, and colors in this illustration are so life-like that when I first saw this piece, I thought it was a photograph. Mandy captures both the outdoors and Water Bottle so well in this, from the reflection of the bottle to the shadows on the log. I love what this illustration represents, adventure in the outdoors and Glossier. When I look at this, it feels like I’m out on a scenic hike on a sunny day with my Water Bottle.

everyday canvas by Debbie Fernandez (@debbie_aart)

The passion Debbie has for both painting and makeup shows in this piece. I love the realism and the details in it. From the expression on the subject, the highlights and shadows, to the softness of the Glossier G painted on the cheek, I feel like the subject is right in front in person. I love that Glossier is a part of Debbie’s everyday canvas, just like it’s a part of mine.

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