Priming Moisturizer Rich

luxurious face cream • 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml • 4.3 star rating 1087 Reviews

An ultrarich, buttery moisturizer.
What it is:

A rich, deeply moisturizing yet fast-absorbing face cream for day or night that’s now vegan, formulated without fragrance and delivers even longer-lasting hydration.

Why It's Special
  • We’re skincare perfectionists, so while making a (highly-requested) formula without fragrance, we also made it vegan *and* with 70% more hydrating ingredients than our original!
  • The dewy, smooth finish you know and love remains, leaving your skin perfectly prepped for makeup
  • An ultra-rich blend of Botanical Oils and Glycerin melts right into skin, locking in moisture for a deeply hydrating, sumptuous feel, while Ceramides and essential Fatty Acids quench skin, reinforce its moisture barrier and improve radiance over time
  • Buddleja Officinalis Flower Extract soothes dry skin and helps prevent photoaging through blue light protection


Formulated without fragrance, silicone-free, recyclable glass packaging, smoothing

In a Clinical Trial...

About the Priming Moisturizer Balance Trial

Clinical Trial Results

Clinical Study Results
In a Corneometer Hydration Test (a way to measure the average hydration levels of the outer layers of skin)...
Immediately after applying, skin’s hydration was increased by over 50%*

After 8 hours, skin’s hydration was increased by 100%* 

After 12 hours, skin’s hydration was increased by 81%*

In an independent consumer study…
100% agreed the product absorbs quickly/ easily into skin and feels gentle on skin 

100% agreed skin felt hydrated 

97% agreed skin felt smoother, moisturized and nourished 

94% agreed it provided a smooth base for makeup

85%  agreed skin looks less dull and texture looks more even 

*(compared to baseline)
About the study
The Priming Moisturizer Rich study was conducted by a third-party testing facility and included 30 participants between the ages of 18 and 50. The participants tried a facial cream product in plain packaging, with no brand affiliation. An evaluator measured the skin before application, immediately after application, after 8 hours, and after 12 hours. Participants used the product for one day and completed a questionnaire based on their experience with the product.