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Made for your day.

The early starts, the late mornings, the back-to-back meetings, the all-night rehearsals. Deodorant is formulated without aluminum, baking soda, exfoliating acids or water—aka things that can cause bad odor, disrupt the skin’s pH level and cause irritation. Key ingredients help to condition underarms and absorb excess moisture, keeping odor at bay and helping you feel more dry.

The case is recyclable, reusable and refillable so when you finish with a deodorant stick, recycle it then pop in a new Refill Stick and freshly go about your day. 

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Don't worry, these ingredients have you covered.

Superfruit Elderberry Extract and Coconut Oil: Keeps underarm skin nourished and conditioned, helping to reduce odors. 

Potato Starch: A naturally-derived ingredient that absorbs moisture, helping your pits to feel more dry.

Magnesium Hydroxide: A pH-adjuster and absorbent that helps to reduce those dreaded sweat stains, letting your clothes stay fresher, longer.

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(Your pits) smell good.

With three unique scents to choose from (plus Unscented), there’s a Deodorant for every underarm.

Sandstone, our newest scent, was developed by the same fragrance house that created Glossier You and has notes of Sandalwood, Clary Sage and Fig Leaf.

Glossier You, our iconic personal fragrance reimagined for your underarms, has notes of Pink Pepper, Iris, Ambrox, and Ambrette.

Orange Blossom Neroli, most known as the hallmark of our Body Hero Collection has notes of Pear, Mandarin and Cypress.

96% of people agreed their underarms felt smoother, softer, and clean.

*Study conducted by a third-party testing facility with 33 participants. Participants tried a deodorant product in plain packaging for 2 weeks and completed a questionnaire based on their experience.

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"This deodorant smells so good!...I never noticed a single deodorant streak on any of my clothes. I will absolutely be using this deodorant everyday!"
"This quickly became my favorite deodorant... The scent is fresh and stays on for hours, it even lasts through workouts and general sweating during the day."
"LOVE LOVE the refillable case! Looks and feels so luxe, and it is very easy to insert new refills with the provided instructions!"

*Products were gifted to reviewers prior to launch.

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