Glossier You

Eau de parfum

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Épuisé 50 mL

Épuisé 50 mL

Limited to 5 per customer

The ultimate personal fragrance.

Glossier You is formulated to be a skin-scent enhancer—meaning it smells a little different on everyone. Sparkling pink pepper, earthy iris, with a warm, slightly-sweet base, this eau de parfum leaves a scent impact that is uniquely you. soft, warm and familiar.

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan

Add On

    The bottle, an objet d’art in its own right, was created in-house with a real thumbprint indent. Much like the fragrance, it needs you to complete it.

    Glossier You comes packaged in a recyclable, molded paper carton and secured with a reusable rubber band for safe transit.


    Glossier You is mainly made up of base notes on purpose; it lasts longer that way—and lets more of you into the equation.

    Bright, sparkling, spicy.
    Floral, green, powdery.
    Woody, warm, sweet.
    Creamy, musky, salty.

    It’s love at first spritz (and second, and third).

    1. Spray as desired starting with your pulse points—your neck, behind your ears, your wrists, and more. 
    2. We recommend letting the fragrance settle for a few moments, rather than rubbing it in, for the best scent experience.
    3. G Team tip: Spritz on your neck and wrists right after moisturizer—moisturized skin holds onto fragrance longer and stronger.

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