After Baume

moisture barrier recovery cream • 1.6 fl oz / 50ml • 4.1 star rating 407 Reviews

A puffer jacket for your skin.
What it is:

A moisture barrier recovery cream for very dry and/or sensitive skin, especially after exposure to cold weather, harsh sun, mask wearing, acne treatments, over-exuberant exfoliation, and more.

Why It's Special
  • After skin is exposed to harsh environments, or if it’s sensitive on its own, it needs proper nourishment to bring it back from the brink. After Baume has been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™, is vegan, non-comedogenic, and formulated without fragrance, essential oils, dyes, or drying alcohols
  • The buttery, cocooning cream moisturizes for up to 24 hours. In a Clinical Corneometer Hydration Test (a way to measure the average hydration levels of the outer layers of skin), skin hydration increased 171% compared to baseline immediately after application, 157% after 12 hours, and 53% after 24 hours
  • Plant-based ingredients work in harmony to help skin bounce back. Glycerin is a moisture magnet, Cupuaçu Butter seals it in, Babassu Oil and Linoleic Acid help reinforce the moisture barrier, and Post-Biotic Ferment and Green Microalgae Extract aid in replenishing essential nutrients
  • It’s our thickest, most occlusive moisturizer for daily use on very dry and/or sensitive skin, or as targeted care for persistently dry areas (like nose crevices, elbows, and knees). Since it’s non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores, we also recommend it in combination with drying acne treatments
  • After Baume is housed in a glass jar with an aluminum lid. When you’re ready to part with it, be sure to thoroughly clean the jar and recycle each component separately


Cruelty free, dermatologist tested, formulated without fragrance

In a Clinical Trial...

98% said skin felt soothed, revitalized, and relieved from tightness and dryness

Clinical Trial Results

After 2 weeks of using After Baume,

100% said skin feels and looks moisturized
100% said skin feels nourished
98% said skin feels soothed
98% said skin feels relieved from tightness and dryness
98% said skin looks revitalized
98% said skin feels comforted from the effects of cold weather
98% said skin feels shielded from the drying elements (cold, wind, heaters, etc)
96% said After Baume brought my skin back to life
94% said skin feels restored
85% said skin looks less red/violet

*About the After Baume clinical study:
The After Baume study was conducted by a third-party testing facility and included 54 participants between the ages of 18 and 58. The participants tried a facial cream product in plain packaging, with no brand affiliation. An evaluator measured the skin before application, immediately after application, after 12 hours, and after 24 hours. Participants used the product for 14 days and completed a questionnaire based on their experience with the product.*