Body Hero Daily Oil Wash

Nourishing oil wash

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Body wash goes luxe.

An oil cleanser inspired by the ones for your face, made for your body.

8.4 fl oz / 250 ml

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Cleansing

A soap free oil cleanser, inspired by face wash, but made for your body. The rich formula, when mixed with warm water, turns into a luxe, frothy lather that washes away without drying out your skin. The unique seven-oil blend attracts dirt and sweat like a magnet, then lifts it away from your skin, while Orange Blossom Neroli Blend adds a fresh, subtle scent. Don’t forget to inhale, exhale, and relax for an instant shower (or bubble bath) upgrade.

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The unique oil blend lifts sweat and dirt like a magnet, then washes it away without drying out your skin.

A combination of naturally-derived body moisturizers help condition skin.
Soothes dry skin and attracts oil-soluble grime.
One of the most lightweight and non-greasy oils, rich in antioxidants like skin-brightening Vitamin C.
Rich in Linoleic Acid and Vitamin E, it helps maintain the moisture barrier to decrease moisture loss.
For a soft, baby-fresh scent.

Add a little luxe to your lather.

  1. In the shower, massage generously all over wet skin. The oil will emulsify into a soft, frothy lather as it cleanses.
  2. Don’t forget to take a moment for yourself and breathe that Orange Blossom blend in.
  3. Rinse thoroughly (while singing your favorite song, of course).
  4. G Team tip: You can also pump a little into running bath water. Ooh la la!