Deodorant Refill Stick

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Pop in, swipe on.
What it is:

A recyclable refill for your Deodorant case. Re-up on your signature scent or try a new one.

Why It's Special
  • Formulated without aluminum, baking soda, exfoliating acids or water (aka things that can cause bad odor, disrupt the skin’s pH level and cause irritation)
    Available in three scents (Sandstone, Glossier You and Orange Blossom Neroli) and Unscented that plays nice with anything else you have going on
  • The Refill Stick is recyclable! When you finish with a deodorant stick, recycle it and then pop in a new one.
  • The people have spoken! In a study* conducted at the end of the day after using Deodorant, 96% of people agreed that their underarms felt smoother, softer, nourished, conditioned, clean and fresh
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Dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free

In a Clinical Trial...

In a study* conducted at the end of the day after using Deodorant:

Clinical Trial Results

In a study* conducted at the end of the day after using Deodorant:

_96% of testers agreed that underarms felt smoother, softer, nourished and conditioned
_96% agreed that underarms still felt clean and fresh
_93% found that our deodorant helped absorb excess moisture and that underarms didn't feel sweaty
_90% said that our deodorant provides odor control

In a study* conducted after using Deodorant for two weeks:

_87% of users vouch that this is the best non-aluminum deodorant they’ve ever used and confirm they would recommend this deodorant to family and friends.

About the Deodorant consumer perception study: 
*The Deodorant study was conducted by a third-party testing facility and included 33 participants. The participants tried a deodorant product in plain packaging for two weeks and completed a questionnaire based on their experience.