The Late Nights Trio

Fluff, shimmer and shine with these glam go-tos. Plus, get a free Lash Slick with any qualifying purchase. T&Cs apply.
Beauty inspired by real life.
Glossier is a new approach to beauty. It’s about fun and freedom and being OK with yourself today. We make intuitive, uncomplicated products designed to live with you..

About Glossier.

We got our start with Into The Gloss, the world's best beauty website and our source for inspiration and information.

As beauty editors, we’ve tried it all. We make our dream everyday products that don’t yet exist, are fun to use, and actually work.

We stay in constant communication with real Glossier users to give you what you want (and because we enjoy it).

“Revolutionary for its time, harnessing a certain come-as-you-are acceptance”
“Allow(s) women to look like the best version of themselves, not an aspirational version of someone else.”
“In an age of online access and unending choice, customer engagement is something that Glossier has gotten right.”
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